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Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) is defined by the State of South Carolina as physically harming or threatening to physically harm a household member. If found guilty of this crime, punishment can range anywhere from 30 days in jail to 10 years in prison, depending on your previous criminal record, the severity of injury, and whether weapons were involved. If you have been charged with CDV, hire an experienced Greenville domestic violence attorney to help defend your case. We have represented over 1,000 clients in some of the most complex criminal charges. Trust in our ability and track record.

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Countless "Not Guilty" Verdicts & Dismissals in CDV Cases

While some domestic violence cases seem to be uphill battles of "he said, she said," we will use our experience and resources to make sure your story is heard. We look directly at the facts gathered by our own investigations to give you the strongest defense possible. Our proven track record of numerous dismissals and "not guilty" verdicts show that we have what it takes to effectively defend you.

If your CDV case ends up going to trial, we know how to cross-examine witnesses by asking the right questions:

  • Were inconsistent statements made by the person making the complaint?
  • Is the accuser trying to gain an advantage in divorce or child custody proceedings?
  • Was the accuser the primary aggressor?
  • Did the witness give 9-1-1 and the police conflicting stories?
  • Did the police prompt the witness to make certain statements?

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Previous Cases

*These results are provided to show the types of cases that Steve Hisker has handled in the past. Nothing provided should create an expectation that Steve Hisker can achieve similar results in any case.

DISMISSED - 8/1/2014
History: Defendant was charged with CDV after an altercation with his wife. Defendant was offered PTI and refused to enter the program. Defendant demanded a jury trial.

DISMISSED - 12/14/2013
Result: Dismissed After Client Completed 13 Sessions of Anger Management

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Being convicted of CDV can bring about serious life-long consequences. A second offense will remain on your record for life, affecting your employment, financial, and even your reputation. Convictions can even lead you to lose your right to carry or possess a firearm and damage your custody rights. If you have been charged or believe that you are going to be charged, meet with our helpful legal team before making any statements to police or going to court alone. From dismissed cases to not guilty verdicts before a jury, we have assisted numerous clients in overcoming their legal dilemmas.

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Recent Outcomes

*These results are provided to show the types of cases that Steve Hisker has handled in the past. Nothing provided should create an expectation that Steve Hisker can achieve similar results in any case. Every case is different. Steve will use his experience in an effort to obtain the best result possible in your case.*

  • Not Guilty 1st Offense - Simple Possession of 28 g. or less of Marijuana
  • Reduced 2nd Degree Harassment
  • Reduced 2nd Offense Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana
  • Expunged 30 Year Old Conviction
  • Dismissed Accessory A/F Murder
  • Dismissed Accessory A/F Murder, Armed Robbery, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm
  • Reduced Accessory to Commit Burglary
  • Dismissed Armed Robbery & Assault and Battery High and Aggravated Nature
  • Dismissed Armed Robbery, ASSAULT AND BATTERY of High and Aggravated Nature, Failure to Stop Blue Light, Receiving Stolen Goods
  • Reduced Armed Robbery, Possession of a Weapon During a Violent Crime